Here is how we will set up the participation for weekend gaming sessions.  For starters, make sure you are on my friends list for the associated platform.

If not, send a friend request to:
Playstation: Bastich76
Xbox: Castle76
Steam (PC): bpjerseyboy
Origin (PC): bpjerseyboy
Be sure to let me know who you are when you send a friend request so I know you're a member.  If you are not a member, please do not fill out this form.  You first need to sign up by clicking

"Join the UGC"

Event invites will be sent through Facebook, email or text messages.  I'll try to do it at least a week before.

Next is the games.  The list below is the platform and the games for each platform. I will use this to create a list of the most owned games and we will use that as the primary rotation.  Sorry that this is a bit of work, but I have no clue who is playing what these days.

Check off the ones you have (or are willing to buy) and submit the form.  Some of these games are older and cost next to nothing, but are fun as hell.  For example, I jumped into a game of Battlefield Bad Company on the 360 on 7/30/17.  The game is from 2008, but the servers are still up and it's still great to play.  Best of all, you can find it for about $5.